Fire tested

We can proudly say that the CastleCore security door is the first fire tested door in its classification manufactured by a UK company. CastleCore use the latest technology to comply fully with current building regulations. Our aim is to provide you maximum security as well as comply with regulations.

Specimen A: Internal wooden door
Specimen B: Steel Security Doors

The door was installed inside the supporting construction comprised of a medium density concrete block work wall and placed in front of an 800 degree Furnace.

Please check how serious fire is – this is the result of over 41 minutes at over 800 degrees C.

The furnace was controlled to follow the temperature/time relationship specified in BSEN 1363: Part1:1999 Section 5.1.1 as closely as possible, using the average of six plate thermometers suitably distributed within the furnace.

Currently building regulations require that new built or new refurbishments and new installations require fire rated doors above ground level accommodations and specified locations.