Panic Rooms

Imagine the unimaginable and you are in fear of an attack on your family or personal possessions. Panic rooms or safe rooms would give you the shelter you need to protect you, your loved ones and possessions away from harm when in threat.

Panic rooms are best suited within the centre of the home, allowing easy access for habitants to retreat to during a threat. Consider the following panic room essentials for personal survival:

  • Non-perishable foods and drinks – essential for extended usage
  • Cameras and monitors to see outside movements
  • Preprogramed radio communication to emergency services is a backup plan for when mobile usage is limited within the panic room or wifi is disconnected intentionally by the treat
  • Toilet and running water
  • Clothing and bedding
  • Sound proofed walls and ceilings
  • Fire resistant walls and ceilings

Protecting Your Possessions

If all you want is the protection of your personal or business possessions from harm or theft then it’s worth considering a security/safe room made from reinforced steel as a lesser expense vs panic rooms.

Constructed with 4 x 4cm steel bars and reinforced with welding (or alternatively bespoke steel bars are created), our safe rooms are no different to securing your possessions as a panic room but without the expenses of installing survival essentials. It is built as a cage to protect the content from the outside. All 4 walls, ceiling and floor is protected from intruders not allowing access other than through a security steel door. The added protection of flame and water resistant dry lining can protect the contents from intentional harm. And no one need know that your safe room is protected from threat. You can have your room decorated to the same level as the rest of your property, leaving the room in a usable condition as if it was untouched.

What possessions can you protect within our safe and panic rooms

  • High value paintings
  • Guns, weapons, firearms
  • Antiques
  • High value cars
  • Documents and archives
  • Software

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