Virtually unbreakable

How vulnerable is your door?

UK statistics show that burglars will spend only two minutes trying to break open a door and will give up after 2 mins during unsuccessful attacks. Start securing your house or business by contacting us today

Most attacks are conducted and broken through your front door. You will be more vulnerable if your door is:

  • Wooden or plastic doors because it has no strength
  • Has a strong lock fitted onto a weak or hollow door structure
  • Doors will be vulnerable to attacks if 1 of the 3 strengthening spec is out i.e. your door installer must consider the door frame, door or lock as 1 complete security door.
  • Doors constructed with several joins and pieces.
  • Composite doors and other security claimed doors do not have a steel structure

German Tested

The photographs below show a test being done by a German test company. They worked on the door for several hours with many different tools including on the inside face of the door, which faces the inside of the house. There was no movement or damage. This is due to the extreme level of innovation and improvement our company has been making to the product over the last 20 years.